The Pipeline Problem

Every aspect of a leader’s world is less stable than a generation ago. Their teams work in new ways, are more diverse and have different expectations. The relevance and shelf life of business models are rapidly decreasing. The industries and markets in which they operate are facing unprecedented disruption.

As a result, there is an insufficient pipeline of leaders prepared to scale to roles of more complexity and breadth, while managing the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

At Executive Bench, we infuse your succession activities with objective leadership assessment data that shape conversations, challenge old models, and dramatically improve decision-making. These same insights form the foundation for individual growth through honest feedback and targeted behavioral training.

Evaluate Your Bench

Measure precisely how prepared your leaders are to take on more responsibility and tackle your most critical challenges. Our Readiness for Scale assessments offer candid and predictive insights into where leaders stand today and what it will take for them to scale to bigger roles. Move beyond high potential models and show leaders how to create further growth in themselves, and their companies.


Discover how Executive Bench is using online simulations to identify talent deep in your organization.


Build Scalable Leaders

Give your leaders the tools they need to thrive in challenging environments with our science-based, high-impact development program. Scaling for Growth is designed to build self-reflective and scalable leaders who excel in diverse, unpredictable, and complex business environments. Cohort-based learning, objective insights, and behavioral training delivered in flexible formats maximize impact and the sustainability of learning.

Make Data-Based Decisions

Build the leadership pipeline your company requires by ensuring the right insights are available at the moments of critical talent decisions. In the absence of objective data, succession decisions are fraught with bias, assumptions, and outdated models. Our Succession Insights analytics leverage assessment data to enrich your talent conversations, target your people investments, and support managers with accurate insights.