Daniel LeBreton


Daniel LeBreton is an Executive Bench consultant with 15 years of experience in the field of leadership. Before joining RHR, he was a full-time faculty member at Vanderbilt University, where he taught graduate and undergraduate courses in leadership and organizational behavior. He also founded and ran Impavid Consulting, a psychology-based leadership development consultancy, where he developed his personal mission statement—that leaders should dignify work, engage people, and inspire excellence. He is dedicated to bringing this mission statement into his work at RHR by impacting leaders and helping them become more effective.

Daniel plays a vital role in delivering the Scaling for Growth program, as he facilitates long-term leadership-development workshops with a broad variety of modules that deliver impactful change. He is passionate about helping leaders improve their ability to fulfill their dual responsibilities to their organizations and to their employees. He believes in the power of positive employee management and creating an authentic environment in which people’s lives are enriched with the dignity of work. Moreover, he weaves his dedication to candor, integrity, and honesty into his role at RHR and leads by example.

Outside of work, Daniel is a loving husband and a father to three young boys. He also enjoys reading a variety of literature and nonfiction, including books delving into economic philosophy and policy, neuroscience, and the works of Dostoevsky.



• Virginia Tech

PhD, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

• Virginia Tech

MS, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

• Illinois State University

BS, Psychology


PROSOCIAL: Leadership Practices

PROSOCIAL: Leadership Practices that Dignify Work, Engage People, and Inspire Excellence (Impavid Consulting, January 2019)