Jay Chaffin

Consultant, Capabilities Lead

As the Capabilities Lead for Executive Bench, Jay Chaffin is his team’s eyes and ears, leading the charge in learning and development for his colleagues and clients. He brings his team to the cutting edge of industry trends and updates, enabling them to make informed, relevant decisions in the fast-moving world of leadership development.

Leveraging his unique psychology and performing arts background, Jay also coaches his colleagues and serves as a consultant for clients in various sectors. Jay possesses an innate desire to understand people on a granular level: their motivations, their aspirations, and how they’re working to accomplish their goals. He strives to recognize the uniqueness and individuality of each client — and having worked as a professional actor in New York before joining the corporate world, Jay is a master at discovering peoples’ intrinsic motivations. He prides himself on helping leaders make even the slightest change that ripples outward, ultimately improving the lives of not just one, but the many.

Jay is somewhat of a contrarian, approaching every problem with a skeptical eye and sharing overlooked perspectives (in other words, helping people come to that “a-ha moment”). Hearing his clients and colleagues say, “I’ve never thought about it that way” is music to his ears. Jay is also a musician, composing songs and teaching himself to play piano when he’s not working. Outside of the office, he also enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, playing poker, and reading every book ever written on decision-making, economics and psychology.



• Harvard University

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

• Widener University

PhD, Clinical Psychology

• Widener University



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