Jenna Copeland

Project Coordinator

Jenna Copeland is a project coordinator on the Executive Bench team. Leveraging her strong multitasking and people-oriented management skills, Jenna provides unwavering support for her colleagues and clients, with special emphasis on the food and beverage sector. A quick communicator and seamless task juggler, Jenna likes being the first out of the gate and strives to be as efficient, responsive, and timely as possible. She possesses a fiery competitive streak, sometimes putting in hours over the weekend just to stay ahead of the curve, but ultimately, she’s a team player.

Jenna works to ensure clients always feel like they’re in excellent hands, and she’s driven by the support of her team members and her desire to leave a positive impact on the people she works with. Although her ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment may seem like it comes naturally, Jenna honed her communications and multitasking skills over years of working in various project management roles.

Prior to joining RHR, she worked in financial advising and trucking before pivoting to clinical psychology, where she managed the office’s scheduling and operations. She also worked as an event planner in the pharmaceutical industry for three years, where she sharpened her ability to think on her feet and communicate efficiently with clients. Off the clock, Jenna can be found spending time with her family and husband, playing with her puppy, going to sporting events, or, if it’s Saturday, making a day of watching college football.



• University of Georgia

BS, Psychology