Josh Haught

IT Project Manager

Josh Haught has been immersed in the world of technology for more than 15 years. He is the IT project manager for Executive Bench and has immense experience when it comes to managing IT projects, designing IT solutions, leading support teams, and more.

Josh is primarily responsible for managing the development of new software as well as selecting and implementing the best technology for Executive Bench. In line with this, he has played a major role in the evolution of Executive Bench products. He finds a great sense of accomplishment in this type of work, and he enjoys the hands-on nature of building new technology, beyond simply enhancing something that already exists. Josh notes that his goal is to make the technology transparent to the user and thus enabling his colleagues and Executive Bench clients to use it as a seamless tool. He approaches his work with a sense of accountability and transparency to ensure he achieves a workable solution as a priority whenever there may be technical issues.

Beyond this, Josh enjoys the startup-style culture that energizes the Executive Bench team; his work is never short on surprises. Outside of the workplace, Josh can be found cooking up amazing new dishes in the kitchen and staying active with his dog. He’ll also take adventurous road trips to see family and friends—making sure to stop and explore undiscovered sights along the way.



• Fairmont State University

BS, Information Technology