Stephan Ledain

Head of Product Innovation

What if you could take a simple concept and infuse it with new life, creating an inspirational solution with real-world impact? That is (part of) Stephan Ledain’s role as head of product innovation for Executive Bench. He expertly fuels RHR with ongoing momentum, as well as a good dose of disruption, in the firm’s journey toward the future of leadership development.

Stephan’s work includes creating purpose around data strategy and generating leadership assessment and development tools that respect the complex psychological phenomena woven into each leader’s experience. Scientific rigor, thought leadership, and brand strategy contribute to the strong market presence he’s building for each product.

Stephan is endlessly curious about what innovation means at a cultural level—that things are alive and in the process of “becoming.” As a principle, he helps weave diversity, belonging, and inclusion into RHR’s products while breaking down barriers to prevent siloed working. Stephan focuses on living a principled and intentional life, with varied interests across art, athletics, and spending time with friends and family. At the end of the day, he is guided by the bigger question: “Are you really awake, alive, and inspired by your own life?”



• University College London

MSc, Industrial/Organizational and Business Psychology

• Stetson University

BA, Psychology