Jeff Lindeman, Group Director, Operations

The rigor with which our talent has been assessed by the RHR team offers us an objective foundation on which we can support our leaders in strengthening and building their leadership competence. As a result of our partnership with RHR, our leaders will be better prepared, personally and professionally, to tackle the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Stacey Panayiotou, Executive Vice President, Human Resources

I have worked with the RHR International team for over four years across two different companies, and I have seen the impact of our partnership manifested through improved leadership, heightened levels of candor and awareness, and more thoughtful and informed succession decisions. Since the early days of our partnership, they have consistently modeled an intent to help leaders be “the best versions of themselves” by leveraging rigorous assessment data that in turn has led to powerful conversations and, more importantly, behavior change.

Anonymous, Chief Human Resources Officer

Succession planning done right builds internal bench strength for smooth leadership transitions. RHR provides a second set of eyes on our top talent, and helps us focus their development to maximize their potential.